Chulin Xie

Hi! I am a third-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, advised by Prof. Bo Li. Before that, I received my Bachelor degree in the CS Department, Zhejiang University in July 2020.

My research mainly focuses on trustworthy machine learning that addresses issues related to robustness, privacy, fairness and generalization, especially in federated learning and multimodal learning.

Selected Publications or Manuscripts

PerAda: Parameter-Efficient and Generalizable Federated Learning Personalization with Guarantees
Chulin Xie, De-An Huang, Wenda Chu, Daguang Xu, Chaowei Xiao, Bo Li, Anima Anandkumar

FOCUS: Fairness via Agent-Awareness for Federated Learning on Heterogeneous Data
Wenda Chu*, Chulin Xie*, Boxin Wang, Linyi Li, Lang Yin, Han Zhao, Bo Li

Improving Privacy-Preserving Vertical Federated Learning by Efficient Communication with ADMM
Chulin Xie, Pin-Yu Chen, Ce Zhang, Bo Li
Short Version at Federated Learning Workshop, NeurIPS 2022

Privacy of Autonomous Vehicles: Risks, Protection Methods, and Future Directions
Chulin Xie, Zhong Cao, Yunhui Long, Diange Yang, Ding Zhao, Bo Li

CoPur: Certifiably Robust Collaborative Inference via Feature Purification
Jing Liu, Chulin Xie, Oluwasanmi O Koyejo, Bo Li
NeurIPS 2022

Dataset Security for Machine Learning: Data Poisoning, Backdoor Attacks, and Defenses
Micah Goldblum, Dimitris Tsipras, Chulin Xie, Xinyun Chen, Avi Schwarzschild, Dawn Song, Aleksander Madry, Bo Li, Tom Goldstein
TPAMI 2022

Uncovering the Connection Between Differential Privacy and Certified Robustness of Federated Learning against Poisoning Attacks
Chulin Xie, Yunhui Long, Pin-Yu Chen, Bo Li
Short Version at Federated Learning Workshop, NeurIPS 2021

CRFL: Certifiably Robust Federated Learning against Backdoor Attacks
Chulin Xie, Minghao Chen, Pin-Yu Chen, Bo Li
ICML 2021

Style-based Point Generator with Adversarial Rendering for Point Cloud Completion
Chulin Xie*, Chuxin Wang*, Bo Zhang, Hao Yang, Dong Chen, Fang Wen
CVPR 2021

DBA: Distributed Backdoor Attacks against Federated Learning
Chulin Xie, Keli Huang, Pin-Yu Chen, Bo Li
ICLR 2020



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